[linux-audio-user] how 'bout more music

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 29 07:21:15 EST 2004

--- Wolfgang Woehl <tito at rumford.de> wrote:

> R Parker <rtp405 at yahoo.com>:
> > There haven't been to many songs recently so
> here's
> > another one:
> > http://www.iaxs.net/~rparker/finlander_wrap.ogg
> Cool, I like your singing style. btw: Do you know
> muzik.agnula.org? 
> Browsing through artists I say Ron Parker is clearly
> missing there.

Thanks for the vote. I did follow the posts on this
list that led to the site a week or two back. It looks
great and I intend to join the fun. It'll take awhile
before I get to it. I've got a very busy January
scheduled and it's all Linux Audio with the exception
of some broadcast work.

> Check out Bob Powell's "Ballad of Neil and Rita
> Deluck" at 
> http://muzik.agnula.org/view.php?view=track&id=291
> -- it's a gem.

That's a great song. Everything about it pleases me.
That lowfi production and psycho story melts the ice
from tobacco smoked heart.

There was another ambiant song posted in this thread
that I listened to and liked. I forget who the
songwriter is. I was tempted to record percussion for
that song but time and the fact that I've only been
studying percussion for a year put the squash on that
idea. One of my ambitions is to become a goto drummer.
Ah, call it a dream.

Anyway, great stuff.


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