[linux-audio-user] 2.6.10

Christoph Eckert mchristoph.eckert at t-online.de
Wed Dec 29 18:59:40 EST 2004

Am Donnerstag 30 Dezember 2004 00:10 schrieb Lee Revell:

> I tried JACK today with vanilla 2.6.10 and had excellent
> reaults - it works with 32 and 64 frames, which previously
> required Ingo's patches. Many of the latency fixes have
> been going upstream, and it looks like we are finally
> showing some results.  I think we may finally have a kernel
> that's usable out of the box for low latency audio.
> Can someone else try to verify these results?

I'm not yet that familiar with building kernels, but if this 
is the messages, I'll do it. If it is simply getting 2.6.10 
from kernel.org, copying my config and adding it to grub 
after building, I'll do so for sure.

On the other hand, as a not that experienced user, I guess it 
is not wrong to wait several days and read the Gentoo user 
list carefully to avoid ugly side effects ;-) .

Thanks for the info!

 Best regards


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