[Jackit-devel] Re: [linux-audio-user] 2.6.10

Rob robin.fell at ntlworld.com
Thu Dec 30 08:09:25 EST 2004

On Thursday 30 December 2004 12:38, Christoph Eckert wrote:
> I read that I need a »mm«-kernel. Is this a vanilla from
> kernel.org, or do I need special sources?

I'm currently enjoying the 2.6.10-rc3-mm1-V0.7.33-03 kernel.  I've only got a 
1.3GHz Duron, but performance <3ms is excellent (though not heavily tested 


i.  the 2.6.10 rc3 sources 

ii.  the 2.6.10 rc3 mm1 patch 

iii.  Ingos realtime patch V0.7.33-03 


MM patch requires symlinking the kernel tree to a sibling called '25' if you 
want a clean patch.

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