[linux-audio-user] Jackd realtime-lsm 2.6.10 and PD

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Fri Dec 31 00:04:24 EST 2004

I built 2.6.10 with the realtime-lsm patch pointed to by Lee
and things are looking good. I did modprobe realtime gid=(my gid,
one user machine) and started jackd using qjackctl as I did as
root on my old kernel and got about the same results...
...as far as I can tell.

I cannot connect PD to jack for some reason now.
I usedto run both PD and Jackd as root. PD drops its root status
after setting up scheduling (I think) but now I get a seg fault
if I have jackd running as me, and pd as me, or pd runs with Jackd
as me if I start PD as root; but then PD cannot connect to jackd.

What do I do now? Im anxious to test jackd and this realtime kernel!


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