[linux-audio-user] Jackd realtime-lsm 2.6.10 and PD

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Fri Dec 31 13:14:26 EST 2004

> With the lsm module you shouldn\'t need to run anything as root to get
> realtime privileges. What version of PD are you running? It might be
> worth downloading the latest sources and compiling them with
> \'./configure --enable-jack\' if you haven\'t already done so. Then try
> running pd with \'pd -rt -jack\'. This should either work or give you some
> informative error messages.

Here is what I built pd-0.38-0test10 with (before I emailed
./configure --enable-alsa --enable-jack --enable-setuid
Like I said, jackd loves realtime-lsm but pd cannot connect with jackd.
My .pdrc looks like this:
-path /usr/local/lib/pd/externs
-path /home/wade/pd/general
-path /home/wade/pd
-lib zexy
-lib Gem
-mididev 1,2,3
-r 48000
-sounddev 3
-blocksize 1024
-channels 18
-audiobuf 8


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