[linux-audio-user] Recording from SPDIF with Audiophile

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Jan 1 17:41:14 EST 2004

lau at hippie-online.de hat gesagt: // lau at hippie-online.de wrote:

> Ah yes, there is one on my one, too. Seems that I typed something
> wrong?! But man does not really provide more information than --help (at
> least in version 0.9.0rc7). :-(

Please upgrade...

... if alone because dmix'ing as I described in c't will not work with
this ALSA version and the Audiophile. ;)

> >>arecord -f S16_LE -r 48000 test.wav
> >>
> >>*but* this results in a mono file with too low signal level.
> > 
> > You may have to set -c 2 as well to get stereo, this is not the default.
> Well, -f S16_LE -r 48000 -c 2 is identical to -f dat and actually also
> results in a mute file.

Your problem probably is, that you are *not* recording from your
digital input, but from the device called "default", which arecord
uses by default. "default" corresponds to "plughw:0W unless you
changed something in asoundrc (but you didn't do this).

To record from digital-in you need to tell arecord about this.
"arecord --help" gives the needed options, "arecord -L" shows the
possible devices (but many more than you need) and "arecord -D NAME"
selects a device called "NAME".

Although I also have the Audiophile, I don't have any digital audio
gear, so I never tried to record from that and thus I don't know the
name of the digital ALSA device off-hand, but maybe someone else here

BTW: OSS emulation on the Audiophile can be a bit tricky sometimes
because of the chipset, so you should try to use ALSA wherever
possible with this card.

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