[linux-audio-user] The trouble with disks

Joe Hartley jh at brainiac.com
Fri Jan 2 09:45:16 EST 2004

On Fri, 2 Jan 2004 13:26:28 -0500
Daniel James <daniel at mondodesigno.com> wrote:
> I'd been having stability problems recently with one of my machines, 
> an Athlon 700 on an Abit KT7 RAID board. It would freeze during boot, 
> so that I'd only get one successful boot in every three or more. I 
> tried a new hard disc and all kinds of other tweaks, but nothing 
> improved the situation.


I have one of these boards as well, and had a horrendous time with 
lockups and freezes for a while.  

The fix for me was to drop the CPU speed down from the 1.2GHz it defaulted
to 900MHz (the only other choice in the BIOS setup - I think I changed the
bus speed from 133MHz to 100).  Once I did that, it hasn't locked up
since.  One thing here to note is that I don't know with certainty what
the speed of the CPU is in the machine.  It came to me second-hand, and
I didn't feel like pulling the fan off the CPU and wiping off the thermal
paste to find out.  900 is still plenty fast, and the machine is now
my wife's photography workstation.

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