[linux-audio-user] Audio 3-D Demo --- Any Interest in Software?

davidrclark at earthlink.net davidrclark at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 3 18:10:23 EST 2004

Greetings Linux Audio Users.

A few weeks ago, I mailed to the user list a URL regarding some audio 
software I have been working on over the past two years.  For those
who missed it:

The only response I received was regarding the 3-D audio work I have 
been doing (Benji --- Thanks!).  It was suggested that I provide a more 
comprehensive demo at a higher encoding rate.  I have just posted a 
demo of three audio clips (in one file) to:


The three 30-second audio clips are each repeated twice in the MP3 
file as follows:

1) Monophonic, dry recording from Roland XV-3080

2) Performance output from Roland XV-3080, including hall-like reverb, 

3) Engulf 3-D Audio processed version of the monophonic, dry 
recordings, one track at a time.  The tracks are exactly those in #1 

4) Repeat of #2, performance output of Roland with reverb, etc.

5) Repeat of #1, monophonic, dry.

6) Repeat of Engulf 3-D Audio processed version of #1.

The clips are in this order to ease comparison.  The file is a 6.0 MB 
256 KBps encoded MP3 file.  The 3-D audio is only noticeable if one 
uses headphones, which is what this processing is designed for.

Is anyone interested in this type of processing?  I would think that 
many people would be interested due to the popularity of headphones 
and stereo earphones these days and the fact that commercial CD's are 
horrible to listen to with headphones.

Thanks for your attention, and regards to all.


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