[linux-audio-user] Audio 3-D Demo --- Any Interest in Software?

davidrclark at earthlink.net davidrclark at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 3 19:14:14 EST 2004


Thanks for your reply.

Previously I had asked if anyone would be interested in my packaging
some of my work so that others could use it.  As you may know, this can
be a daunting task, and I wanted to know whether or not anyone would
find the "capability" useful before dumping a lot of time in creating
a useable "program."  It's like before I build you a car, I ask you
if you have any need for transportation.  

If everyone is happy with the second (and fourth) clip, then I won't 
bother trying to write the requisite GUI interface and docs that
I need to convince  everyone to look at.  I'm perfectly happy with 
my command-line and scripts, what I have called a "retro-UNIX" environment,
for audio.

So my question is whether or not anyone else has a use or need for this
type of sound --- vastly improved headphone sound?  This is a way of
creating accurate but simulated binaural recordings for larger rooms from 
a monophonic, dry signal. It's a better way of producing what you actually
hear in a room than that which is done with the typical mixer and synth. 

Thanks again for your response.


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