[linux-audio-user] Audio 3-D Demo --- Any Interest in Software?

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 4 10:51:22 EST 2004


--- Joern Nettingsmeier
<nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de> wrote:
> davidrclark at earthlink.net wrote:
> > Greetings Linux Audio Users.
> > 
> it might also be interesting for the jamin
> developers to take a look at 
> this.

WARNING: I am going to over react to Joern's
reasonable suggestion because JAMin has recently
included another feature that I strongly argued
against. So, please have patience with me. I don't
have a life and I'm a loser. :)

JAMin is a very good tool. For the most part, it is
not the result of an experiment. It is a well thought
out design of typical and expected tools for the
specific task of mastering stereo audio files. It is a
very clean, easy to use and unbloated application that
is being used in real world installations. This makes
it very different from something like ecamegapedal or
any other effect where experimentation is the rule for
producing awesome and unexpected results.

In its currernt feature set, there are only two things
that distinguish JAMin from the typical set of
mastering tools. They are Jan's parametric style EQ
controls in a graphic interface and the inherited
features of JACK--multitrack sources, transport
awareness, etc.

Because JAMin is typical, it can be counted on to
perform its intended task. This accountability is very

3-D Audio might be the greatest thing since vacume
tubes but that can be determined by creating a 3-D
Audio JACK client or LADSPA plugins. I'd love to see
that happen.

Incidentally, room accoustics is one of the topics
within my set of obsessions. Of course it'd be hard to
call myself an audio engineer if I wasn't obsessed
with it.

Again, I'm sorry to fire off this big flashing yellow
lite message but I hope that my perspective on JAMin
is interesting. And maybe it's everyone's lucky day
because I don't have time to write a large meandering
letter. I've got to go hang about 320 square feet of
sound modules that my partner and I built and designed
for two flat EQ response rooms with .3 and .1
reverberation times.


> best,
> jörn
> (btw, the linux-audio-developers list is also a very
> appropriate forum 
> for this. if you do get around to package your
> software, please announce 
> it there as well, so that technical discussions can
> take place on the 
> dev list.)
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