[linux-audio-user] Audio 3-D Demo --- Any Interest in Software?

Joern Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Sun Jan 4 11:59:52 EST 2004

R Parker wrote:
> Hi,
> --- Joern Nettingsmeier
> <nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de> wrote:
>>davidrclark at earthlink.net wrote:
>>>Greetings Linux Audio Users.
>>it might also be interesting for the jamin
>>developers to take a look at 
> WARNING: I am going to over react to Joern's
> reasonable suggestion because JAMin has recently
> included another feature that I strongly argued
> against. So, please have patience with me. I don't
> have a life and I'm a loser. :)

here's ron parker, back on his neverending quest for simplicity and 
correctness(tm) :-D

you are right, jamin is fine as it is and should not be bloated with 
features. (btw, i do agree with you in that i don't really see the point 
of balance controls per band).

*however*: having a little pop-up window "correct for headphone 
listening" with a bunch of tweakables can't hurt :) (runs)

but then, i was not seriously requesting that feature, i just meant 
david's software is interesting food for thought in the context of 
mastering, and if one day it becomes a LADSPA plug, the whole point is 
moot and folks can plug it any old place in their audio chain.

> JAMin is a very good tool. For the most part, it is
> not the result of an experiment. It is a well thought
> out design of typical and expected tools for the
> specific task of mastering stereo audio files. It is a
> very clean, easy to use and unbloated application that
> is being used in real world installations. This makes
> it very different from something like ecamegapedal or
> any other effect where experimentation is the rule for
> producing awesome and unexpected results.

very interesting pov. i completely agree. if the jamin folks do, too, 
this should be put on their website as a design guideline.



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