[linux-audio-user] Audio 3-D Demo --- Any Interest in Software?

Robert Jonsson robert.jonsson at dataductus.se
Tue Jan 6 16:27:34 EST 2004


This has been an very interesting thread. IRs and convolution has been 
discussed before both here and there. I find it intriguing, especially since 
I started poking with it myself (as a user).

I remember Ron doing one of his usual ramblings :) sometime ago, about a 
possible convolution product that he'd like to see. Basically a convolution 
unit where you'd get to control the parameters. Since IR's in themselves are 
rather static. I don't know the theory myself, I guess you can alter some 
things in the convolution process, the best would be to alter the IR itself, 
in other words, being able to create IRs.
As I recall Ron also mentioned being able to reverse bad-sounding rooms, so 
you can apply a good sounding room. As it seems, many (all?) of these things 
have been discussed here.

Now, Steve mentioned BruteFIR earlier, BruteFIR is an opensource, very 
capable, convolution engine which I've been pouring alot of blood in lately 
to test convolution. Very rewarding when you have some great IR's to play 
with. There isn't any real problem with this, you can achieve some great 
sounds/effects this way. 
But, reading this thread and trying to understand I can see that there are 
lots of other possibilites, the coolest would maybe be the 
bad-sounding-room-reverser, though I realize that this must be very complex 
to actually implement. 
Nevertheless, just being able to algorithmically, gui or no gui, design your 
own custom environments is very appealing, and it would sure be a killer 
application to use it together with a realtime convolution engine such as 

...so... when is it ready? :) 
Seriously though, is this a possibility to create? 
GUI's are nice, you could create some great GUIs with OpenGL rendered rooms, 
but for now I would be happy if there where just some parameters in a command 
line app that I could tweak :).


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