[linux-audio-user] alsa rtc patch in 2.4.23?

martijn martijn at pacno.net
Wed Jan 7 19:54:41 EST 2004

Once upon a Wed, Jan 07 2004, James Stone hit keys in the following order:
> Yep.. got 2.6.0 working now. It does seem to be pretty good! I am
> getting a non-audio related kernel panic on shutdown but apart from that
> it is very nice. I was under the impression the RTC timing was not as
> good as the patched 2.4 kernel but it sounds pretty close to me.

did you do a 'sysctl dev.rtc.max-user-freq=1024' ? I'm pretty happy with
2.6.0-mm2 right now, which seems to give me better performance then 2.4.22 with
all the patches in place. i chose to run the mm patch because i had trouble
with my disk performance and Andrew included a ext3-latency-fix.patch ... in
the end it appeared that my trouble were because i accedently included my
chipset support only as a module which was never loaded, so the disk wasn't in
udma mode.

after that i've never had as little xruns at 64 frames per period, 2 periods
per buffer as ever before! only about 2 an hour and that's when i'm doing my
non audio stuff, being rough with memory, rough with the amount of programs
opened at the same time and rough with switching between them.

imho 2.6.0 is a great step forwards, and i only hope that networking wouldn't
always get more priority then audio, although must say that i only notice this
to be a problem when i provide offline backup storage for weird people who are
so desperate for backups that they use newsgroups for their movie collection ;)


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