[linux-audio-user] 3-D Audio: To Plug-In or Not to Plug-In?

davidrclark at earthlink.net davidrclark at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 8 01:32:51 EST 2004

On the 3-D audio (Interest in Software?) thread, I had promised to mail
out something on a plug-in.  It got a little too long, so rather than 
clog up everyone's mailbox, I went ahead and put it in:


If this isn't proper nettiquette for this user's mailing list, someone
please do let me know.  It would be easier just to email my ramblings.


Bottom line is: I'm not sure if it makes sense as a plug-in or not.
I think I may provide the impulse response function generator and my
own convolution engine, then let one of the plug-in gurus see what they
can do, if they want to.  If nothing happens, it'll be a command-line
thingy until I get motivated to GUI it all up.

No schedule, but I'd be happy to provide a crude tarball to anyone who
wants to try and deal with it at any time.  I PROMISE it won't be easy
without some instruction.  Please email me privately also so that I'm
sure to see it.


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