[linux-audio-user] Recommendations for audio software needed

Iain Duncan iainduncan at telus.net
Thu Jan 8 18:18:05 EST 2004

I'd include Csound in there too. It's tiny, and it gives them a taste of
something that is more hackerish. It is also a great intro ( I've found )
for those coming to music from a math or engineering background who are used
to thinking in terms of functions and waves but have never done any music.

My two cents!

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Subject: [linux-audio-user] Recommendations for audio software needed

> I need some advice from those more experienced with
> audio software than myself.
> I am building a Knoppix-style live CD that will be
> used by teachers and pupils in Oslo, Norway.
> Most of the users are unfamiliar with Linux, and
> the CD is supposed to be their first introduction.
> Within the audio category, it is obvious that
> I should have a CD player (kscd), a CD-burner (k3b),
> and an mp3/ogg player (xmms).  I also want to have
> some music editing software, and I have identified
> the following programs as potentially interesting
> ardour
> audacity
> muse
> rosegarden4
> I have also been meaning to include solfege, the ear
> training program on the CD, but without really being
> certain how many people would use it.
> My question is, if I can only include 2 of the above
> programs (for space reasons), which two should I take?
> Bear in mind the restriction that the users are not
> a high-tech crowd.
> If I can make an analogy with image manipulation, let
> me say how I solved the problem:  I included both tuxpaint,
> a simple paint program that even small children could enjoy,
> and the GIMP, an advanced image manipulation program that
> counts in some circles as an Adobe Photoshop replacement.
> In this way, both the beginner and the advanced user can
> be satisfied.  I would like to satisfy the audio users
> in much the same way, if I could.
> Thanks in advance for your comments and advice.
> Conrad

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