[linux-audio-user] sfc-0.014 Released and horgand new homepage

holborn holborn at telefonica.net
Fri Jan 9 12:35:44 EST 2004


I released sfc-0.014 (SoundFontCombi) a MIDI router who emulates a 
synthesizer, storing routes as sounds using MIDI soundfonts or other MIDI 
capable devices.

Cosmetic changes only.

News in v0.014

- Sounds added
- Graphic speed refresh and memory usage improved.
- Windows resizables
- Ready to play at start.

sfc is available in:


Also BERLIOS has aproved horgand as project, the the homepage and mailing 
lists has been moved to their servers, and new services including CVS etc are 
ready. New horgand version is comming :-)

The new homepage is:


Good because my personal home page is completly full.



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