[linux-audio-user] RME Cardbus + multiface

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Fri Jan 9 13:14:49 EST 2004

Vincent Touquet wrote on Fri, 09-Jan-2004:
 > Anyone in here using a RME cardbus card in a laptop ?
 > I'm considering going that route and it would be nice to
 > be able to use that interface in Linux.
 > I was planning to go the powerbook way, but as I have to
 > develop for XP and Linux in the first place, I will probably
 > go for a Thinkpad (who seem to have great battery life).

I use the HDSP Cardbus/Multiface combination with a ThinkPad A31
with good success.  Because the the A31 (base) does not have firewire
(or USB2), I also use a cardbus firewire interface with an external

The primary maintainers of the HDSP alsa driver are Paul Davis and
Thomas Charbonnel, who are both active in the community, and have
fixed issues with new firmware etc....

Make sure you get Thomas's wonderful tools hdspmixer and hdspconf...
i believe they are included with alsa tools now.


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