[linux-audio-user] ANNOUNCE: JAMin [0.8.0] first JACK Audio Mastering interface release

Jack O'Quin joq at io.com
Mon Jan 12 14:31:57 EST 2004

The first stable release (0.8.0) of JAMin - the JACK Audio Mastering 
interface is now available for download.

JAMin is a GPL licenced, state-of-the-art realtime mastering processor 
designed to bring out the detail in recorded music and provide the
final layer of polish.  Every effort has been made to ensure a clean,
distortion-free signal path. All processing elements use linear-phase
filtering, ensuring that no phase distortion is introduced.

JAMin runs on Linux using the JACK Audio Connection Kit, a low-latency
audio server, which can connect a number of different applications to
an audio device, and also allow them to share audio among themselves.



Installation instructions + requirements

Usage instructions

        * Linear filters
        * JACK I/O
        * 1024-band hand-drawn EQ with parametric controls
        * 30-band graphic EQ
        * Spectrum analyser
        * 3-band peak compressor
        * Lookahead brick-wall limiter
        * 3-band stereo processing
        * Presets and scenes
        * Loudness maximiser
JAMin is (c) 2004 J. Depner, S. Harris, J. O'Quin, R. Parker and P. Shirkey.

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