[linux-audio-user] RME Cardbus + multiface

Miha Tomsic miha.tomsic at guest.arnes.si
Mon Jan 12 18:01:04 EST 2004

	Hello Mark and others!

On ned, 2004-01-11 at 22:52, Mark Knecht wrote:
> Humm....I have not seen those comments. If RME has designed the Cardbus
> solution then I think it must work well with some cardbus controllers,
> correct? I am looking on the RME sire now but do not see any specific
> statements about O2 Micro cardbus controllers being bad. It's not udner
> their 'Hardware Alert' page. Where are you finding this? Please post a
> link.

I am very sorry for misinterpreting the RME's laptop comparison table
(http://www.rme-audio.com/images/techinfo/hdsp/testtabe.pdf). I was
guessing higher minimal latency was a bad thing. And on one of the linux
on laptop pages I found a statement about O2 Micro not being the good
choice. But it might be related to the fact they don't want to release
specs for the SmartCard reader. Other than that I don't have any
arguments against O2 Micro.

> To the contrary, everything I know about O2 Micro controllers is that
> they are making a good product. I have not searched the web for contrary
> information. Please post links to interesting discussions about their
> controllers. I'm sure my friend would like to know about these as he
> takes his work quite seriously.

I can't locate anything bad that was said about O2 Micro. Sorry to
disappoint you. ;)

It was not as much of a statement as it was an inquiry to check what's
going on in this field.  

Thanks and take care,


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