[linux-audio-user] [ANN] Visecas 0.3.1

mik mprims at skynet.be
Fri Jan 16 11:10:26 EST 2004


i'm trying it out, but for now have not been able to start it.

i get these error messages:
scanning presets...
scanning internal operators...
scanning ladspa plugins...
../lib/visecas/ecasound.rb:138:in `command': lost synchronisation to ecasound subprocess (Ecasound::EcasoundError)
last command was: 'map-ladspa-list'     from ../lib/visecas/ecasound.rb:118:in `synchronize'
        from ../lib/visecas/ecasound.rb:118:in `command'
        from ../lib/visecas/application.rb:287:in `eci_command'
        from ../lib/visecas/application.rb:142:in `command'
        from ../lib/visecas/application.rb:94:in `initialize'
        from ./visecas:38:in `new'
        from ./visecas:38

probably something very simple i overlooked, but any help would be appreciated.

thx in advance.


On Fri, 16 Jan 2004 12:06:14 +0100
Jan Weil <Jan.Weil at web.de> wrote:

> Hello lists,
> I am pleased to announce the initial release of Visecas 0.3.1.
> Visecas is a graphical user interface (GTK+) for Ecasound
> [http://eca.cx/ecasound], a software package written by Kai Vehmanen
> which is designed for multitrack audio processing.
> It aims to provide full access to all Ecasound's object by preserving
> Ecasound's semantic (which means you do not edit tracks and regions but
> chains and audio objects).
> Please visit Visecas' webpage at http://visecas.sourceforge.net
> This release includes the following features:
>       * start Visecas as you would start Ecasound (all arguments are
>         passed on)
>       * display and control chainsetup's status (valid, connected,
>         looped, etc.)
>       * add, remove, rename, mute, bypass chains
>       * add, remove, attach audio objects
>       * add, remove, control operators
>       * control chainsetup position via hscale
>       * display and control engine status
>       * edit Ecasound's preferences
> Have fun!
> Jan


---->  http://www.mprims.tk

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