[linux-audio-user] Looking for a distro strategy

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Tue Jan 20 07:16:02 EST 2004

Hi Greg,

On Monday 19 January 2004 3:30 pm, Greg Reddin wrote:
> What about Agnula?  How do you upgrade
> individual packages?  How do you back out the upgrade if there's a
> problem?  Do you manage a separate "test" environment to keep from
> bringing down your DAW?

I'm using Agnula on a double-booted system. I've got Woody/DeMuDi-1.0 on hda 
and Sarge/DeMuDi-1.1.0 on hdb I've set up chroots in both directions so I can 
access the one while booted into the other. It works for me.

You'd probably want to track the Agnua/unstable packages - they do maintain 
ReHMuDi packages too, which I imagine you can install on top of Red Hat same 
as Debian. You may even be able to use apt, I don't know.

I'm actually using synaptic as a package manager ATM and apart from a couple 
of niggles it works well. I can't imagine running a system which didn't have 
apt - It is super-cool IMHO and extremely well documented, such that I'm able 
to run insane mixed systems side by side with relative ease. I'd say it was 
easier to configure and run than, say kmail. I'm still a relative newbie, so 
experience may show me the pitfalls, but I haven't seen them yet. I guess 
backing out of upgrades is tricky to say the least, these tools weren't 
really designed to go backwards. Apt-pinning works for packages in most 

I don't know if it's as up to date as you'd want - I'm currently running:
Rosegarden: 0.9.1
muse: Linux Music Editor; Version 0.6.1
jackd 0.90.1
I expect newer packages will appear as soon as ... 

I've downloaded most of it over a dialup (ISOs will be available soon) 
admittedly this has involved a couple of all-night downloads - not 
recommended procedure I guess :-]

I'm very happy with it. Agnula is buzzing right now and the support is 


tim hall

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