[linux-audio-user] Which kernel for low latency and kernel 2.6.1-mm# problems

James Stone stone1 at btinternet.com
Tue Jan 20 17:24:34 EST 2004

> I run jack with:
> jackstart -R -v -d alsa -d hw:0
> ...and I get xruns whenever I open a program, move windows around. Hell 
> sometimes it does it when I'm just looking at it. More specifically, if 
> I want to record in ardour, jack chokes up an xrun after about 2 seconds.
> Now, if I whip up my 2.4.2 with Andrew Morton's Low latency patch, 
> install alsa-lib, alsa-driver and alsa-utils version 1.0.1with the 
> gentoo ebuilds, then compile jack like above... presto, no problems.
> So I'm thinking somethings missing in the kernel somewhere. Or perhaps 
> the system settings are disagreeing with the way the kernel is setup.
Ah.. I have just tried 2.4.23 with the low latency patch again.. and I
agree.. Jack is much more stable. I am not sure I was getting as many
xruns as you, but in 2.4.23 I am getting absolutely none, even being
quite rough with opening and closing things.. Even running kernel
compile in the background!

This paired with the kernel panics I was getting on shutdown makes me
think that 2.6.x is not quite ready for audio yet.


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