[linux-audio-user] Which kernel for low latency and kernel 2.6.1-mm# problems

James Stone stone1 at btinternet.com
Wed Jan 21 06:57:00 EST 2004

> > And what else is happening on the system at the time?
> The original poster would have to anwer that. Jack itsself is just messing
> with SYSV SHM and occasioanly touching fifos.

I can't talk for the original poster, but on my system I was just
running windowmaker, qjackctl (a gui to start jack with settings of full
duplex and a period of 512 on a SBLive) and hydrogen (a drum
machine running through jack). I was getting xruns when putting the
system under some stress (switching workspaces opening windows or new
programs and switching between windows). 2.4.23 with your low latency
patch doesn't show this behaviour.


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