[linux-audio-user] Which kernel for low latency

martijn martijn at pacno.net
Wed Jan 21 13:41:37 EST 2004

Once upon a Wed, Jan 21 2004, Glenn McCord hit keys in the following order:
> I modified modprobe.conf but it's ignored. When I restart the machine 
> the line I added disappears anyway when it does an update-modules. 
> modprobe.conf has a comment saying I should modify modules.conf instead 
> but that doesn't do any good either.

Ahhh, got confused again, what is it with me and january. modules.conf is
indeed the place to add the option. modprobe.conf is the one thats used by
modprobe but it's the output from generate-modprobe.conf, hence my confusion.

The command "modprobe realtime allcaps=1" is another way to supply the option.

> replace
> #define CAP_INIT_EFF_SET    to_cap_t(~0 & ~CAP_TO_MASK(CAP_SETPCAP))
> with
> #define CAP_INIT_EFF_SET    to_cap_t(~0)
> Below this line, there should be another line that should looks like:
> #define CAP_INIT_INH_SET    to_cap_t(0)
> so replace it with
> #define CAP_INIT_INH_SET    to_cap_t(~0)

Weird, i did the same thing, but it didn't work for me, if i remember
correctly. But then again, maybe my problem was that it compiled but didn't
actually give me any realtime priority. Like you describe i had continues
x-runs in the beginning. Now the only time i get x-runs is when an idle program
gets pulled back in focus, or when there's a lot of network activity.


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