[linux-audio-user] Which kernel for low latency and kernel 2.6.1-mm# problems

Andrew Morton akpm at osdl.org
Wed Jan 21 16:08:36 EST 2004

Takashi Iwai <tiwai at suse.de> wrote:
> a few months ago before 2.6.0 was released, i tested the audio latency
> with different kernels.  the result was shown in the internal
> conference in SUSE, and i totally forgot to release the data until now
> :)
> maybe it will show you other aspects.
> here you can find the slides
> 	http://www.alsa-project.org/~iwai/audio-latency.pdf

OK.  How is the suse 2.4 kernel patched in these tests?  A form of the
low-latency patch?

I made some latency improvements to 2.6's ext3 recently, so it should be
performing significantly better than it was in 2.6.0-test9.

I'll do some more checks on 2.6 but as far as I know, it's performing OK. 
If Jack is indeed running with realtime policy I'd be suspecting that
something other than the normal spends-too-long-in-the-kernel problem is

Could someone give me a really simple description of how to obtain Jack,
and how to get it going sufficiently to demonstrate these problems?


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