[linux-audio-user] [ANN] Visecas 0.3.5

Jan Weil Jan.Weil at web.de
Thu Jan 22 18:21:44 EST 2004

Announcing Visecas version 0.3.5.

This is an interim release which fixes several serious bugs.
Hacking Gtk::Fileselection from Ruby on a Debian system (which currently
comes with a patched GtkFileselection) turned out to be a very bad idea
regarding portability.

New screenshots can be found on the web.
Thanks to all those who reported their problems with version 0.3.1.
Visecas is a graphical user interface (GTK+) for Ecasound
[http://eca.cx/ecasound], a software package written by Kai Vehmanen
which is designed for multitrack audio processing.
It aims to provide full access to all Ecasound's object by preserving
Ecasound's semantic (which means you do not edit tracks and regions but
chains and audio objects).
Please visit Visecas' webpage at http://visecas.sourceforge.net
This release fixes:
    * broken audio objects' dialog
    * malformed preferences file crashes
    * silly behaviour with open/save as
    * crash once one of several chainsetups was closed
    * timeout problem (hopefully)
    * minor bugs


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