[linux-audio-user] Recording Internet Stream, Duplex, Help!?

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Sat Jan 24 12:40:10 EST 2004


  FWIW I recently tried recording the audio from a Flash animation at 
joecartoon.com. No joy, I couldn't do it. If I armed the record channel 
the audio failed from the animation and would not start again until I 
disarmed the channel and restarted the Flash show. Audio was fine and 
available for everything else during all this, it just wasn't available 
from the Flash stuff.

Best regards,

++ dp

Ed wrote:

> Hi LAU,
> OK, after 4 hours on this and enough Googling to break my keyboard, I 
> have to admit defeat.
> What I Want To Do:
>   1. Load a web page containing a Flash Film
>   2. Play the Flash Film
>   3. Record any sound the Flash Film delivers to a WAV file.
>   4. Maybe post-process the WAV into Ogg, MP3, etc.
> What I Have (Hardware + Software):
>   1. SB Audigy
>   2. Alsa kernel drivers, 1.0.0 RC2
>   3. Alsa libs, 1.0.0 RC2
>   4. Jack, compiled with the above Alsa libs
>   5. Ecasound, compiled with the Alsa libs and Jack
> What works:
>   1. Sound from CD, System beeps, etc. works
> What doesn't work:
>   1. Alsa: arecord -f cd -o test.wav, when playing an Ogg file, e.g.
>   2. Ecasound: ecasound -i:alsahw,0 -o test.wav, when playing an Ogg
>      file, e.g.
> Am I missing something fundamental here? I can't imagine that this is 
> an especially arcane wish, simply wanting to record and play at the 
> same time, yet I can't find anything on this which helps. I have 
> played with alsamixer for about an hour, but I simply get silence all 
> the time. All the 'capture' devices are things like Mic, CD, Line-In, 
> etc., which is, obviously, NOT what I want. I simply want to record 
> what I am currently hearing -- although I'm testing this with playback 
> of Ogg, actually I clearly want to record the sound from the Flash 
> Film mentioned.
> I have read the various docs for Alsa, Ecasound and Jack, but I have 
> to admit that sound on Linux is *very* confusing. I am not really sure 
> whether I'm supposed to be using /dev/dsp, alsahw, or some other 
> arcane terminologies -- kernel compilation is easy in comparison! I'm 
> not getting any errors, by the way, everything *seems* to work, but 
> when I stop playback and check the output, all I hear is dead air.
> I can (joyfully!) send the output of amixer if that would help, hope 
> to get a reply on this one soon. In Windows, this is a 5-minute 
> no-brainer. Install Total Recorder, and that's that. I can't imagine 
> that it must be so complex in Linux? First time I've really hit a wall 
> in Linux -- which clearly shows that sound is something which needs to 
> be clarified a *LOT* in Linux. (Having alsamixer start with everything 
> mute is a good example of this!)
> Thanks a million if anyone can help: otherwise I'm rebooting into 
> Windows for now, since there's no other way of doing this at the moment.
> Ed

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