[linux-audio-user] [ot] Is DJ-ing commercial use of music tracks?

Mark Constable markc at renta.net
Sat Jan 24 22:17:39 EST 2004

On Sun, 25 Jan 2004 05:54 am, R Parker wrote:
> ...
> If we met drunk in a bar and you used the word
> obnoxous in the above context, I'd give you the
> beating of your life. Or, I'd force you to beat me.

Indeed we would. If you think for one moment I am happy about
any musical proceeds going towards the limos and cocaine habits
of those in control of most of the funds involved with the music 
industry then you and I would be at loggerheads.

Yes, it's sad that the cost of the chlorine that goes towards
keeping up the swimming pools for the drummer of metalica would
probably feed you and a few african villages.

There are two ends to any piece of string.

> > I would like to think the point of music in the
> > commons is that
> > there are no inhibitions or restrictions to people
> > hearing it !
> I see nothing but inhibitions and restrictions for
> people to hear commons licensed music because artists
> can't afford to finance the ideal you describe.

If an artist is stupid enough to depend on some middleware
infrastructure to pay their way for them then they deserve
what they get... either way, good or bad. As if everyone 
deserves to be a well paid "artist" just because they want 
to be.

> Discussing altnerative methods of payment isn't an
> option because I'm hungry and need to eat. If you are
> not or haven't experienced sustained years of poverty
> and hunger as a result of being an artist, I don't
> want you speaking for me.

Sorry, you get to walk in your own shows. If you haven't released
your music under a open source license then I don't want you
speaking for me either. If you have, and are complaining about
not getting paid for giving up your copyrights to a record
company, then I still don't you speaking for me.

Where can I buy your music online, to help support music that 
is produced with linux based software, wether I like your music 
or not ? Can it compete with the ton of freely-distributable 
music I download via irate.org ?

Back to the original topic... unless I have not looked hard
enough, it seems there needs to be a specific license to define
more precisely just what commercially associated exposure is
allowed for the CC, or similar, "non-commercial usage" clause.


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