[linux-audio-user] How to set up my linux box to record an album

Guy Daniel CLOTILDE guy.clotilde at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jan 25 12:47:25 EST 2004


Livio wrote / a écrit:
> I would like to set up my pc to record a cd of a band.
> I would like to rec single instrument at time and also all the band at
> the same time.
> What software i've to use?!

you can try, among others, audacity for recording and editing (really easy interface), gnome-toaster ou xcdroast for burning the cd. You'd enjoy a well tuned kernel for no-latency recording ( example: RedHat + Planet CCRMA packages)

> What hardware i need?!

a mixing table, although I'm not sure to understand how exactly you want to record.

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