[linux-audio-user] linux and alsaplayer

Joern Nettingsmeier nettings at folkwang-hochschule.de
Mon Jan 26 03:31:13 EST 2004

jaap wrote:
>>>Anyone knows what I'm missing?
>>emerge -vp jack-audio-connection-kit.
>>I think you will not see jack as a flag. I had the same problem this morning
>>for some reason. Check to make sure you have the jack flag in make.conf and
>>make sure you are using the ~x86 version. For some reason it looked like the
>>current stable version doesn't use jack, so I went to ~x86 and everything
>>was fine.
>>- Mark
> indeed 
> -emerge -vp alsaplayer gives for me  alsaplayer-0.99.75-r1 
> without a flag for jack,
> ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="x86" emerge -pv alsaplayer  gives alsaplayer-o.99.76,
> now with a flag for jack that is to +
> The other new thing is that there is a dependencie with libjackasyn
> but libjackasyn-0.8 fails to compile for me 
> I forced alsaplayer to upgrade,without libjackasync,using 
> emerge withe --nodeps option,but it seems to be allright.
> Now even the gtk-interface is coming up:)
> Must run it as root though.I'm going to study this problem
> setting everything suid root?
> Suggestions?

jack needs root to get realtime priority and to lock memory.
you can either work as root, or add a small patch to your kernel and use 
the jackstart wrapper (which is suid root). then you can run the rest of 
the jack clients as normal user.
see the jack faq on jackit.sf.net.

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