[linux-audio-user] How to set up my linux box to record an album

Livio liviotrivellizzi at virgilio.it
Mon Jan 26 08:19:52 EST 2004

Il lun, 2004-01-26 alle 14:02, Daniel James ha scritto:
> > I've tried to recompile a kernel in my mdk 9.1 with low latency
> > support but, as i expected, all went wrong.
> You don't need to recompile - try the multimedia kernel RPM from 
> Thac's page. Install, reboot - that's all you have to do.
> > Than i've seen that with fedora core 1 the
> > setup of my linux box to record audio could be more easy.
> Not necessarily - Mandrake comes with ALSA by default, and using 
> Thac's RPMS is very easy if you follow his urpmi instructions.

What a good new!!
where can i find the Thac's RPMs?!
As i wrote in my last replay i've tried to install a multimedia kernel
package from urpmi but when i start the mm kernel my nvidia can't go
with the usual driver and i've to return to the old one.:(

> Cheers
> Daniel



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