[linux-audio-user] How to set up my linux box to record an album

Christophe Vescovi vescovi at lpsc.in2p3.fr
Mon Jan 26 09:02:04 EST 2004

Livio a écrit :

>>Well with FC1 you have access to Planet CCRMA so maybe it will be more 
>>easy. But you can also find most of the Planet Audio package for MDK 
>>(Thac's RPMS, Mandrake Contrib servers, etc ....).
>>Why do you what to built a low latency kernel for mdk 9.1. the kernel-mm 
>>package already exist !!
> yes, i've installed the kernel-mm package but it don't support nvidia
> driver. So i think i've to rebuild all kernel. If i'm wrong please gibve
> me an help.
you probably need to re-install the nvidia modules, and for that you 
need the kernel sources. Thac's RPMS has the kernel multimedia binaries 
and the kernel multimedia sources, install both but you don't need to 
re-build the kernel. Thac's RPMS url :
Choose your version and go to audio RPMS or to directly add an urpmi entry
for 9.1 : urpmi.addmedia thacs.rpms http://rpm.nyvalls.se/9.1/RPMS with 
for 9.2 : urpmi.addmedia thacs.rpms http://rpm.nyvalls.se/9.2/RPMS with 

>>If you want to keep the Mandrake distro I suggest you upgrade to 9.2 (or 
>>you wait a few month until the MDK 10 release !!) since most of the 
>>audio package are update for this version and 9.1 packages are a little 
>>old now (and things change quickly in Linux Audio world !!!).
> Yes i know but i can always set urpmi to download packages from/for the
> 9.2. Am i right?! 

Yes but you will be ask to install necessary upgrade package for 
libraries, dependencies, etc ... that are part of the 9.2. So it can be 
time consuming and maybe not always stable. An upgrade to 9.2 will make 
your life easier !!

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