[linux-audio-user] [ot] Is DJ-ing commercial use of music tracks?

Daniel James daniel at mondodesigno.com
Mon Jan 26 10:36:00 EST 2004

> Can I interest you in a one time license fee, direct
> from artist, that allows you to spin the licensed
> music forever without further compensation?

That's something like how underground 12" vinyl works, or used to 
work, in the UK. When back street shops packed with 'white label' 
vinyl started appearing in our area around 1990, on the back of Acid 
House and latter drum n' bass, the 12"s cost about 5 pounds. This 
compared to maybe 2.49 or 2.99 for a 12" from a major label. 

They can't have been MCPS members because the records rarely had 
proper credits on them, so I'd guess the musicians were taking a 
straight cut of that fiver. The records were made explicitly for 


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