[linux-audio-user] Re: [Jackit-devel] linux 2.6.1 realtime lsm, jackstart & ecasound success

Robert Jonsson robert.jonsson at dataductus.se
Wed Jan 28 12:05:24 EST 2004

On Wednesday 28 January 2004 17.54, Jack O'Quin wrote:
> Eric Dantan Rzewnicki <eric at zhevny.com> writes:
> > I just completed a successful run of ecasound with my guitar_mix.ecs
> > (attached) on my new box.
> Thanks for the report.  Very encouraging.  I'm going to download 2.6.1
> right away, and try it myself.
> Overall, I like 2.6 a lot.  There are some valid complaints, but they
> involve comparing highly-tuned 2.4 kernels with early vanilla 2.6.0.
> Yet, 2.6.0 was already light-years ahead of vanilla 2.4.

I concurr, this success story was very encouraging. Be sure to let us know if 
things change when you've got your _real_ card in place. I noticed you had 
the via integrated sound-card at irq 4, which might not be possible with the 
_real_ card.

As for comparing "vanilla" 2.6 with 2.4+ll+preempt and so on. I think it's 
completely reasonable, 2.6 has been marketed as the all in one solution that 
we have been waiting for and I think we should treat it as that. And I 
definitely, still, have high hopes for reaching comparable and even exceeding 
functionality with 2.6 without adding any patches... 
It just looks so good on paper :)


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