[linux-audio-user] Re: [Jackit-devel] linux 2.6.1 realtime lsm, jackstart & ecasound success

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Jan 28 12:52:24 EST 2004


Robert Jonsson hat gesagt: // Robert Jonsson wrote:
> As for comparing "vanilla" 2.6 with 2.4+ll+preempt and so on. I think it's 
> completely reasonable, 2.6 has been marketed as the all in one solution that 
> we have been waiting for and I think we should treat it as that. And I 
> definitely, still, have high hopes for reaching comparable and even exceeding 
> functionality with 2.6 without adding any patches... 
> It just looks so good on paper :)

But beware that it might break support for your USB audio device. It
will break your Quattro if you happen to own one like I do. So no 2.6
for my laptop. A pity.

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