[linux-audio-user] Alsaplayer and equivalents?

Juhana Sadeharju kouhia at nic.funet.fi
Thu Jan 29 13:27:56 EST 2004


Is there a player with similar design as gqview has?
Then I could easily play songs and move between directories.

I checked Alsaplayer but it does not provide the directory
browsing. Worse, Alsaplayer does not know anything what
happens in the directories: songs stay in the play list
even they are completely deleted.

Alsaplayer also does not show the filenames but prefers to dig
info from mp3 files and display that. I need names which match
with filenames (so that I don't have to guess the filenames!).

The playlist in Alsaplayer does not provide any grouping/folders.
All songs are in one list. I know a guy who has 10,000+ songs in
mp3/wma format. All can be managed easily with the software he
uses in MS Windows. That kind of software equipped with direct
directory browsing would be great in Linux.


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