[linux-audio-user] low cost multichannel [4] soundcard for pd on linux?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Jan 29 14:29:04 EST 2004

rob canning hat gesagt: // rob canning wrote:

> any recommendations for a low cost multichannel soundcard that works with linux?
> i need 4 outs for around 80 euros

Okay, I once said to avoid USB like the plague, but today I could try
the Audiotrak MAYA 7.1 EX, which worked instantly plug and play and
allowed using all 8 channels independently from Pd via Jack and with
rather lowish latency (jack running at "-n 3 -p 256 -r 48000", the
Maya doesn't do anything more than 41,0 kHz)

At about 160 Euro it's above your price range, but I suppose that the
Audiotrak MAYA 5.1 EX will work just as well as the 7.1, and it's only 
98.00 Euro at thomann.de Still above you threshold but not that much

I'm really pleased with the Maya box after the short test. On my
laptop it provides much lower latency than my M-Audio Quattro, which
Jack only likes klick-free starting at "-p 2048". Go figure!  Let's
see what the other tests bring.

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