[linux-audio-user] Re: Get a load of this!!!

Benno Senoner sbenno at gardena.net
Fri Jan 30 14:49:47 EST 2004

Dear Ron Parker:

I'm not sure if this message was intended as a private reply or to the 
list but
I guess it was the latter because if this message was private you would have
sent it to Domenico and not to me.

Even if I'm not implied of the dispute since it was an issue between
you and Domenico (Lionstracs head) I'm very disappointed about these
SILLY statements you made.

Lionstracs is neither my company nor am I an employee, I'm just
an external , selfemployed developer that is writing some code for this 
I have no decisional power in the company.
I'm sorry that you got "fired" (fired is not the right term, see below),
perhaps Domenico reacted a bit too quickly but he did it for a couple of 

Since Lionstracs believes in open source I think they have nothing to 
hide so
I tell you guys how the story with Ron went:

all began on irc: I was already writing some code for Lionstracs and 
asked Ron
what he was thinking about the Mediastation. He said he would like to 
contribute to
the project (volountarily, without expecting money in the beginning)
 since he owns a recoding studio and knows what studio people want.
(The Mediastation, since it contains a PC can be used in a studio too, 
not only as
a performance keyboard)
The contributions would have been in form of docs, elaborating user 
defining what apps to put on the box etc.
So far so good. I've put Ron in contact with Domenico and they talked 
for some
time about what to do etc.
Then Domenico needed to fly to the US for a meeting with a potential 
that wanted to see what kind of machine the Mediastation is.
So Ron and Domenico agreed to meet the distributor at Ron's studio so that
Ron could get a MS to work with.
So far so good.
Meanwhile according to Domenico, Ron got paid $1500.
Then after a few months came the NAMM, the distributor hosted Lionstracs
at his own booth.
Ron was invited there too taking his MS with it.
(all expenses like hotel,taxi, food, badge etc all paid by Lionstracs).
Then we stayed 2-3 days at the hotel in Anaheim before the NAMM began 
we had to prepare some stuff.
We tested them in the hotel, Domenico had to change some boards and 
panels on
the MS of Ron and the first thing that upset Domenico was that the 
 of Ron's MS was totally yellow and dirty because Ron smokes alot and must
probably having used the MS as ashtray.
I mean, you are given a prototype machine that costed hundreds of 
thousands of
dollar to develop and you treat it that way ? I'd be a bit upset too if 
it was my

Wednesday we brought the 2 MS to the booth for setting up all cabling 
etc since
the opening was Thursday.
We got only a relatively small corner of the booth and the demo guy 
which played
the MS live needed to face the visitors while the other MS (that Ron 
should have demoed)
could not be put in that position (facing the visitors) or we would have 
closed the booth
to visitor preventing them to enter it.
So Domenico decided to position one MS facing the booth's wall.
That way visitors could enter and see the button panel, the LCD the 
external monitor etc.
But Ron complained and said "I don't want to look at the wall the whole 
day", got upset
and did not talk to us for the whole day.
I mean: you come to demo a machine for a company and get upset about the 
position of the machine,
 it just does not make sense to me.
Everyone at the booth agreed that the right position of the 2nd MS was 
facing the wall so it was not just
Domenico's silly idea.

Then came Thursday: the NAMM opened and the keyboarder guy player the 
1st MS while Ron was at the 2nd MS.
Ron prepared an ardour demo but he refused to show off to people the 
basic features like soundpatch selection,
 midi players/ audio players. This stuff is so easy to learn that it 
does not take more than 5minutes to explain to
a non computer savy person.
When I told Ron, "Ron, take a couple of minutes so I show you how to use 
the midi players and the soundselection menu" he responded "I don't want 
to touch this stuff, I show people Ardour".
I mean ... nothing against Ardour, it is a nice app but it is not a 
primary application for the MS.
The MS is a keyboard made to play and this is why the midi/audio 
players, volume faders, mute buttons, soundselection menus are more 
important to show to people than ardour.

All this stuff toghether has lead Domenico to take his decisions and 
telling Ron he is not the right person for him.
So Ron stating he was fired without motives is not telling the whole story.
There was no contract between Ron and Domenico, just sort of volountary 
trial period thus you cannot even call it firing.

Ron regarding your gear (HD, mics, cables) you let at the NAMM:
After the NAMM closed (sunday evening) and the flightcases arrived 
(where your stuff was stored),
Domenico has put everything in a box and Don Peterson of Music 
Industries took care to ship it to your
home address. Not sure if they shipped it from L.A. or if they took the 
stuff and shipped it from NYC where
they reside. Anyway just call Ernie of Music Industries and ask. I think 
it just takes a few days to get delivered since they probably ship via 
regular mail service.

So before accusing someone of stealing your stuff ask what's up instead 
of writing silly statemens like in your mail.

I repeat, I'm disappointed about your childish behaviour, you wrote lots 
of nonsense to a public place which Domenico not even reads instead of 
writing him directly.
Its a cowardly act.

Plus this senseless blackmailing puts you even more on the wrong side.
I mean ... with what you wrote one could just sue you for defamation, 
blackmailing and theft of private data of a company.
Not sure what this translates to in the US in terms of jailtime and 
monetary fines.
I'd interested what a lawyer thinks about your public statements you 
made, I'll let you know if you wish.

Frankly speaking you produced almost nothing usable for the MS, you not 
even finished a short
powerpoint-like presentation to run on the MS external monitor which 
Domenico asked you to prepare for the NAMM.
But you got paid and got a free all-inclusive trip to the NAMM.
So don't try to look like a victim pretending even more money (extorting 
money I would say) for your
"lost time", that just does not make sense.

BTW: there is nothing to encrypt on the Mediastation, just look at the 
hardisk contents, a few audio/midi players,
 soundmenu management, keyboard management, mixer management.
It will become open source anyway so your threats would not make any 
difference to the company.

Ron next time you have a problem with someone please avoid the Linux 
Audio community these public performances
since it is only damaging yourself and nothing other.
Leave me out too because I have no fault in this situation.
I responded to a question of the other user on this mailing list and you 
respond with this silly crap.
Perhaps you feel excluded from the Mediastation team and thus you hate 
everyone involved and feel the need
for some revenge or reliation attacking everyone involved in this project ?
It's a childish behaviour which will buy you nothing other making you 
look ridicule and putting you even more
on the side of the wrong.
If I would put me on your some low level then I'll probably telling 
people now about your personal problems you
suffered from in the past so probably they would better understand  why 
you reacted this way on the mailing list.
But I'm not doing so, I respect you and your privacy unlike you did with 

Know what Ron ? The real nature of people comes out during conflict 
situations and unfortunately you demonstrated
it pretty accurately.

Next time you incur into a conflictual situation try to leave emotions 
aside and analyze it from a rational point of view.
You will discover that usually decisions taken by people are caused by a 
serie of events and not because they get up
with the wrong foot.
Don't think that everyone in the world is bad and wants to fsck you as 
soon as you turn your back.
If Domenico was a bad guy and treated people without respect (not only 
me) I would be the first person to leave.
I'm not dependent of him. I usually work for multiple companies and one 
more or less does not makes the difference.
A few LADers here known Domenico personally and I'm sure they have a 
total different opinion from those of Ron
which tries to paint it as it was the evils of al evils.

Please stop spreading this senseless bashing on the mailing list and 
give vent to your anger somewhere else.

The linux audio lists are friendly places, where people talk about linux 
audio and not about attacking other people,
 and screaming out their personal problems and issues they have with 
some poeple.
I think everyone here should contribute to keep this place in harmony.
I'm sorry for my OT mail, but Ron sucked me in in this mess and I had to 
give a fair explanation, I don't like FUD
neither in the computer world, neither in the real world.

PS: Ron, if seeing messages mentioning the Mediastation here on the 
mailing list just place a filter to put them
in the trash folder that way you eliminate the problem at the root.


R Parker wrote:

>>We will see, ill keep you posted what these crazy
>>italians cook in their 
>>kitchen :-)

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