[linux-audio-user] linux and alsaplayer

jaap jacobus at free.fr
Fri Jan 30 17:52:35 EST 2004

Le Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 09:03:16PM +0900, rossen a écrit...
> jaap wrote:
> >
> >ok,i'll wait for the gentoo muse 0.6.3 ebuild
> >
> >tnx,
> >Jaap
> >
> >
> > 
> >
> here you are !
> enjoy!
> --rossen

Thank you.

I upgraded to your muse 0.6.3 ebuild.
The --enable rtcap option is not a use flag for this
ebuild.I don't confuse with the suid root option,which 
is a use-flag.
And I can't start muse as a user,so if it is an option
it is disabled or it doesn't work.
I don't know anything about ebuilds,but shouldn't it 
be a use-flags?How can I change a compile-option if 
it isn't a use-flag?

Any way,when jack is run with jackstart a can start
muse now as root(so I suppose also as suid root),without 
crash,so the upgrade is paying allready.

Jaap van Geffen 

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