[linux-audio-user] emu10k1 MIDI Efeects

Robert Jonsson robert.jonsson at dataductus.se
Sat Jan 31 11:33:41 EST 2004

Hi Josep,

Sounds great!

A question, do you have a library of effects to load into the live card? You 
are making your own perhaps?

There are some free emu10k1 drivers for Windows available here: 
www.kxproject.org. I haven't tested them but I've heard that they have lots 
of effects bundled. These effects are supposed to be produced with as10k1 and 
should thus be compatible with the method you are using.
I don't know if the actual effects are available as files but it might be 
worth to check out.


lördagen den 31 januari 2004 14.20 skrev holborn:
> Hi!
> After two weeks working on that ..... i got it ...   I have REVERB and
> CHORUS in my SB Live ... well i need to improve some things, but i can
> control the amount of reverb and chorus with MIDI control message for each
> MIDI channel ... gmorgan sounds like a film with reverb and chorus. :-)
> I use ld10k1 from Peter Zubaj .... a fantastic program, hi was send me a
> pre-release with some improvements, as10k1 form alsa-utils to compile the
> patches, i modified some bus and chorus example patches and I adapted
> fv10k1 (Freverb from sourceforge emu10k1 drivers), then i made som scripts
> to load.
> Actually has some small problems, in fact the FX8010 is a mistery for me ..
> and seems the TRAM delay lines of both effects are mixed ... but with some
> small alsamixer hacking sounds pretty good.
> If someone is interested i will send you ....
> Greetings
> Josep

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