[linux-audio-user] updated VST/VSTi tutorial

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Thu Jul 1 11:28:20 EDT 2004

Them wrote:

> I have questions about using jack_fst.  When I run it with a VST, 
> should the VST interface come up or does it become available as a 
> LADSPA plugin in a JACK client?

The VSTi runs like a standalone application (which might explain why 
Mark K can't get Groove Agent working). See the screenshots for the 

>   I only have one VST plugin I am using, the M-Tron Mellotron 
> emulator, and when I run it with jack_fst, nothing happens, the 
> program hangs and I have to 'kill -9' it eventually.  If the VST 
> plugin also uses sample files (there are many for this synth) from a 
> sub-directory underneath where the binary sits, will it be able to 
> find them under a Linux filesystem or do I need to place them under 
> the Wine 'fake_windows' file hierarchy?

Where are the samples located on a Windoze filesystem ? Are they 
supposed to be installed by the Win installer ?



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