[linux-audio-user] The copy-protected (or broken?) recording

Mikhail Ramendik mr at ramendik.ru
Thu Jul 1 21:39:24 EDT 2004


lee wrote:

> May I ask, what rare recording is on a label that participates in this 
> kind of copy protection? 

There were other similar questions.

The answer is: the oratorio "Crucifixon" by Sir John Stainer. Performed
by the BBC Singers, distributed by something called CHANDOS.

I tried the P2P networks - it's not there. Nor am I going to put it
there. After all I only need it as an example; I am planning to work on
a translation and local performance of this same oratorio. (I have the
score and it's public domain).

Sincerely yours, Mikhail Ramendik

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