[linux-audio-user] Reading/playing a "copy protected" CD : Reed-Solomon correction?

Maarten De Boer mdeboer at iua.upf.es
Fri Jul 2 05:12:45 EDT 2004

> Thanks.
> Question: what did the copy-protected CD sound like when played on

Under Linux, I did not even try. I ran cdparanoia right away. The
resulting wav files had the spikes I described in my previous mail,
and they sounded just like that. Clicks every several seconds. I
smoothed out those spikes, and voila.

Opening the wav files in a soundfile editor showed the
spikes caused by the copy-protection very obviously obvious.

Under Windows, playing from CD-Rom meant playing the compressed files
from the data track, with the player from the data track. This sounded
notably worse than the (corrected) wave files. Like badly encoded
128 bit mp3.

> I'm just starting to think that what I have is after all a
> problematic recording, not copy protection. At least, no data track
> seems to be there (at least Linux does not mount it).

I don't think this is related. The CD I talk about happened to provide
this data track as a "solution" for people to be able to play the
copy-protected cd on a windows PC. There might very well be CD's with
the same copy-protection and without the data track.


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