[linux-audio-user] real-time audio effects (was: plugging a bassguitar in a linux box)

Veronica Merryfield veronica.merryfield at tesco.net
Sun Jul 4 08:36:40 EDT 2004

This is basically my plan. Use Ecamegapedal to hold it all together and use
a MIDI pedal board such as
http://www.behringer.com/FCB1010/index.cfm?lang=ENG. I intend to write my
own plugins and if necessary, add to ecamegapedal to add the midi control
routing unless I can find another way to do this.

There are a couple of things one would want to be able to do. One is to
change patches which could mean changing setting on all the effects
wholesale or changing which effects are loaded. However, this might it
difficult as pedal and switch assigments would change and the last thinkg
you want is too much changing of what they do.

So, the midi routing could be added to ecamegapedal which can then dela with
patch changes which would include routing of the midi, or you route the midi
separately to the various effects. My preference would be to use megapedal
but I don't know if it handles patch changes. If it does, great. If it
doesn't, should it or should something else be created.

I would love to discuss this with the megapedal writers, but I don't have
enough knowledge yet of megapedal. I guess, as with most things Linux, you
can roll it yourself or help get it added.
Veronica Merryfield, somewhere in Cambridgeshire, UK

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söndagen den 4 juli 2004 12.12 skrev caffeine:
> Hi list,
> Thanks to everyone who answered to the previous thread. I played around
> a bit with ecamegapedal, and I have to say I'm amazed by the
> performances on this box (an old celeron 400...)
> Now I'm thinking about using it as an effect rack (it might actually
> look good on stage (somewhat nerdish, but I like nerdish stuff (and
> lisp))). I've looked here and there for interesting software to use but
> I'm kinda lost. Ecasound seems like the thing I'd need, but I'm
> wondering if I'm not missing something (there is a plethora of free
> multimedia software out there (maybe more than closed source ones), but
> it's difficult to locate the thing you need).
> So basically my question is, what do you people use for effect
> processing on live instruments ? I'm pretty sure there are lots of nifty
> things to do, I just don't know where to start...
> And thanks again for your previous replies.

I think ecasound would be an excellent choice, especially as you are low on
CPU and ecasound does not require guis and such stupid things. :)

Do remember that ecasound supports LADSPA plugins so you are in no way
to the built in effects of it.

Other alternatives could be Jack-Rack (which is also for LADSPA effects) if
you fancy GUIs. I think there are some ready-to-go boxes on Dave Phillips
site also, for guitar, you know: <comp><dist><mod><del><rev>. But I haven't
tried any so I might be mistaken.

One thing to think about, that I don't know the best solution for, is if you
want to alter the parameters in realtime. To get Wahwah or some cool organic
modulation effect.
First you need an interface to an external pedal, which isn't so hard, they
generally produce midi. But I'm not sure about the best software. You'd
basically want an effect rack with midi-in.
Possibly there are some small midi only app that can be used to remote

Ok, now I've strayed far enough from the subject :) Have fun.



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