[linux-audio-user] Fresh PC waiting for basic installation - Advice?

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Mon Jul 5 15:36:34 EDT 2004

Last Monday 05 July 2004 16:28, Alejandro Lopez was like:
> ..Which basically boils down to: Mandrake vs Debian vs Redhat. Not sure if
> it's a wise decision, but I'm then thinking about choosing the distro based
> on:
> -Is ALSA supported on the distro or did you have to download and install
> ALSA separately?
> -Did you find the kernel easy to patch for low latency? (I assume all
> Thac's, DeMuDi and Planet have some patch set for this).

These are good questions to base your decision on. I think you'll find it 
easier than that. ;-)

Last Monday 05 July 2004 18:17, Joseph Dell'Orfano was like:
> Let me put in a vote for fedora core 1 and CCRMA. The planet gives you a
> step-by-step installation guide that worked for me on the first try, no
> hassles, no problems. It shows you how to set up ALSA and low latency.
> All in all, the entire installation (once fedora was up and running)
> took 30 - 45 minutes. It is a really nice setup for linux audio

AGNULA/DeMuDi is much the same. It comes with pre-patched multimedia kernels 
and ALSA, JACK etc. A/DeMuDi-1.2.0 installs it all for you in under an hour 
and you can get straight into making music, although you'll probably have to 
do a little configuring for best results.
The difference between the systems is mostly in the way they are configured. 
You'll get a similar spread of packages out of all three, I prefer a 
Debian-based system, so I'm using A/DeMuDi. The 1.2.0 installer provides a 
nice stand alone music system, which is compatible with Debian testing.


tim hall

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