[linux-audio-user] normalize with sox

luis jure ljure at multitel.com.uy
Mon Jul 5 15:52:03 EDT 2004

el Mon, 5 Jul 2004 15:15:24 +0200
Florian Schmidt <mista.tapas at gmx.net> escribió:

> Normalizing _must_ me done in two passes.. 

thanks everybody for your answers.

yes, i'm aware that normalization must be done in two passes... i didn't
word my question very well, what i meant was invoking sox just once. i think
i'll either write a script, or else try "normalize". i'm not bound to sox,
one of the students asked me how to normalize with sox, and reading the
manual sox didn't seem to be very clever, using the "stat -v" effect only
works when doing a conversion and needs an output file, at least that's what
i understood. writing a temporary file just to find out the peak amplitude
seems rather silly, but i thought may be i was missing something. i might
try my limited bash scripting abilities to write a nice script using
sndfile-info, grep, sed and sox. or else install normalize. we are not
using the eca-family, so i'll leave that one for now.




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