[linux-audio-user] real-time audio effects (was: plugging a bassguitar in a linux box)

LinuxMedia linuxmedia4 at netscape.net
Mon Jul 5 14:01:10 EDT 2004

veronica.merryfield at tesco.net wrote:
> This is basically my plan. Use Ecamegapedal to hold it all together and use
> a MIDI pedal board such as
> http://www.behringer.com/FCB1010/index.cfm?lang=ENG. I intend to write my
> own plugins and if necessary, add to ecamegapedal to add the midi control
> routing unless I can find another way to do this.

I'm pretty clueless about how midi works. I once did a quick test and 
(if my memory serves me well) I (think) used this to control the volume 
and pan (via ecasound and a wheel on my midi keyboard). If this is true, 
then I believe you can control other ecasound effects via midi. Someone 
please correct me if I'm completly off the mark. I hate showing my 
ignorance, but I also hate seeing useful features not being used...

 From the ecasound man page...

  MIDI continuous controller (control change messages). Messages on the 
MIDI-channel 'channel' that are coming from controller number 
'controller' are used as the controller source. As recommended by the 
MIDI-specification, channel numbering goes from 1 to 16. Possible 
controller numbers are values from 0 to 127. The MIDI-device where bytes 
are read from can be specified using -Md option. Otherwise the default 
MIDI-device is used as specified in ~ecasound/ecasoundrc (see 
ecasoundrc(5)). Defaults to /dev/midi.


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