[linux-audio-user] Re: Note tuning and quantizer in audio files

Them idragosani at chapelperilous.net
Tue Jul 6 14:01:05 EDT 2004

Alastair Couper wrote:

> The technology is interesting, to be sure. But what does it say about 
> the  state of artistry these days ? I recently read an interview with 
> David  Crosby, decrying the rise of autotune plugins and the like. He 
> spent his  energies on learning to sing on pitch. These days performers 
> don't need to  sing at all, they just mouth tracks that were autotuned 
> in the studio. And  another interview has James Brown saying: don't use 
> a drum machine, learn  to play the drums. The best music comes from the 
> mastery of an instrument  or vocal skill, not from editing.
> I have watched as I try various tools to bang my playing into shape, 
> and  am finally deciding that this is the wrong way to go. Spitiual 
> death is  around the corner. Live music is best. Music is meant to be 
> PLAYED after  all, not worked. Or worked over.
> A minority opinion from a nobody. Given the state of the "industry"  
> though, it's going to be like Photoshop for audio, where there is no  
> physical point of reference anymore, and anything can be morphed into  
> anything.

This is kinda what I was hinting at earlier... this kind of stuff tends 
to sound over-produced and manufactured, IMHO.  I think the life and 
breath of music gets taken away by trying to make it too perfect sounding.

But as for using a drum machine, some of us have no choice.  I don't 
have the money to buy a full kit, let alone have the equipment to record 
one, let alone have the time to take lessons to play at a skill level 
high enough for the music I want to play. :-)

But I would never use a drum machine live.  I'd hire a real drummer for 
that. :-)

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