[linux-audio-user] New Asus Ath. XP 2500 Delta 1010LT performance

Ben ben at glw.com
Tue Jul 6 15:42:27 EDT 2004

> From: Russell Hanaghan <hanaghan at starband.net>
> Subject: [linux-audio-user] New Asus Ath. XP 2500 Delta 1010LT
> 	performance
> I'm using it as a live fx processor) But if I try to run at 96000 it
> pops and stuff even at higher intervals (512, 1024,etc).
> I guess I expected it should be able to do this no problem and I 
> would
> get better fidelity as a result. What would the possible verdict be
> here?
> Thanks in advance
> R~

I can't tell you what is causing this but you probably won't get a 
noticeable improvement by switching from 48 to 96 kHz.  Your speaker 
system (and your ears) are probably incapable of resolving >20kHz 
signals in a live PA-type situation.  Audio professionals ( mixers, 
mastering engineers, etc - not manufacturers ) are still undecided 
whether higher sampling rates is a good thing.  If you are looking for 
higher fidelity sound, your time will be much better spent examining 
the gain stages of your system ( matching the impedances of inputs and 
outputs, etc ) rather than trying to get hicher frequency response 
though your DSP box.

-Ben Loftis

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