[linux-audio-user] New Asus Ath. XP 2500 Delta 1010LT performance

Jack O'Quin joq at io.com
Tue Jul 6 23:31:56 EDT 2004

Russell Hanaghan <hanaghan at starband.net> writes:

> So I bought this new box and have been working on getting it setup and
> stable for a few days now. When I run with Jack {.9.8.1 with Qjackctl
> 2.9} and Ardour {beta 17.1} at 48000khz I get mostly "pop" and crackle
> free operation in software monitoring (Which I have no choice to use as
> I'm using it as a live fx processor) But if I try to run at 96000 it
> pops and stuff even at higher intervals (512, 1024,etc).
> I guess I expected it should be able to do this no problem and I would
> get better fidelity as a result. What would the possible verdict be
> here?

When you double the sample rate it halves the latency for a given size
buffer.  So, you would generally expect to use larger buffers when
running at 96Khz.  With your hardware, I'd expect -p512 to work, if
the system hardware and software are properly tuned.

That is a non-trivial task, however.  Here is a good place to start...


There are also JACK-specific issues to be aware of.  Here is an update
for the JACK FAQ I'm currently working on.  Comments and suggestions
are welcome...


The original (official) copy is here...


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